Win through Integrating Strategy and Execution

Formulate your goals and ensure you achieve them

Ensure you have the right strategies, tactics and actions in place to realise your goals and objectives. And supported by the right capabilities, of course. 

Strategy is all about making choices. Based on an in-depth internal and external assessment, we will help you and your executive team identify the right questions and get to winning answers.



Strategic Execution Plan

Defining your Strategy is a great step. But it is only the beginning...

The world's best strategy is useless if you can't execute it. And likewise, if you are only focusing on execution, the chances that you will get where you want to be and achieve long-term success are slim.

Therefore, we focus on bringing your strategy to life through a solid execution plan, aligned across the leadership team and wider organization, and getting actions in place that set you up for great results.

A strategic execution plan will contain the following building blocks:

Strategic goals and objectives

The ultimate strategies that you are looking to execute and the goals and objectives that need 

Strategic initiatives

The longer-term strategic initiatives that will drive the strategy. These are crisp, clear, inspiring and form the north star in your strategic plan. 


The short-term tactics to be executed under each of the strategic initiatives. Here, it is time to get down to business. What does the organization need to deliver?

Success metrics and owners

Using RACI, assigning roles that ensure someone is accountable for ensuring the tactics are  executed. Within the leadership team, and the wider organization. And how will success be measured? That includes not only defining - measurable - KPI's, but also clear targets. Ambitious, yet realistic.

Milestones and timelines

The key milestones that need to be achieved, as well as by when. 

Cascade to functions, teams and individuals

And finally, a strategic execution plan does not stop with the executive team. In order for it to be effective, the plan will be cascaded throughout the organization, where each function, team leader and individual contributor gets to play a part. All the way through setting annual objectives, aligned with the strategy, for each team member in your goal setting tool. 


Go to Market Plan

Plan to execute your strategy through your go to market activities

A go to market plan activates your strategy through your daily operational activities and ensures they deliver against your strategic goals and objectives. From A to B through product, marketing, sales, retail, e-commerce, customer service, operations and supply chain.

  • Product Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Retail Plan
  • Supply Chain Plan
  • Communications Plan


Capabilities and Tools

Ensuring you have the right capabilities and tools to execute your strategy

Determine which organizational capabilities are needed to drive a successful execution of your vision, purpose and strategy and reach your strategic objectives. A strategic capability plan includes are review of what is needed, what is in place today, a gap analysis, dependencies, priorities and timing. And of course, a clear action plan with owners and milestones.

Examples of critical capabilities are:

  • People and talent
  • Customer or market expertise
  • Tools and platforms
  • Processes and ways of working
  • Resources and budgets


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