Design for Sustainable Growth

Strategies to help you get where you need to be. And stay there.

No organization is static. A start-up is looking to grow and achieve scale quickly. An established business finds itself in a continuous need for change, as market developments accelerate and digital technologies continue to disrupt. Whether to accelerate growth and achieve ambitious objectives, access new markets or customer segments, embed digital technology, or transform into a future-proof organization that can withstand any disruption: a solid strategic plan, rooted in a strong vision and purpose, will form the basis for success.

A growth strategy follows a rough outline. But depending on where you are now, we will tailor this to your exact needs. But common elements are making strategic choices - such as where to play and how to win.  

In this, it is important to not just get to a certain growth level rapidly. Staying there - and reaching growth sustainably - are equally valuable, thus creating a solid basis for ongoing success. 


Design for Successful Change

Get ready for the future. Transform your business and/or reach new audiences

In every organization's life, there comes a turning point. A day where a strategic review is needed to keep current momentum going in the future. 

You might be asking yourself questions not too dissimilar from the following:

  • Our market is changing rapidly and consumer or customers demands are fluent. How do we stay ahead of the changes and continue our current growth levels?
  • We see opportunities in new customer segments. How do we reach new customers or consumer groups and what should we offer them?
  • While we have always been ahead of the curve, we now see increased competition from new entrants and potential market disruption. How should we respond?
  • We would like to accelerate our international expansion. But can we just replicate our current business model, or do we need a different approach? And which markets should we focus on?

We have helped quite a few organizations answer these fundamental questions, revise their strategy, and then translate that to their entire business model - from product to marketing, from sales and service to retail and e-ecommerce, and from supply chain and operations to all supporting functions such as HR, Finance, IT and legal.


Rapid Growth and Scaling

Accelerate Growth and Reach Scale - Sustainably

Rapid growth is exhilarating. Opportunities are everywhere, and the only boundaries are internal. But how to scale sustainably, while still keeping the culture and spirit of your once-start-up alive and costs under control? And, as resources are not unlimited, where to focus first?

Our scale-up expertise will help you as a rapidly growing start-up reach the next level of growth. And the next. 

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Strategy Design Building Blocks

Strategy design in distinct building blocks to fit your needs

Working with adFIRST means designing your strategy in steps. We will use all the great work you have done so far and leverage the vast current expertise, knowledge and skills within your organization. Depending on your current status and priorities, we can use any or all of the following components:

Vision and Purpose

Any winning strategy starts with a solid understanding of an organization's vision and purpose. Not just by the CEO, or even the leadership team, but by the entire organization. A good purpose can be captured in one short sentence. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Goals and Objectives

A clear definition of your long- to mid-term goals and objectives. Financial (revenues, profit, operating margins), but also non-financial (market share, industry disruption, customer success, brand positioning, international expansion... you name it). 

Internal and External Assessment

Internal and external assessment of the market, opportunities and trends, as well as organizational capabilities and people. We will use your own organization as the first source of information: your people, reports, information sources, industry news, trade organizations, and so own. If we need to, we will add external research to build the complete picture.

Strategic Challenges and Opportunities

Based on your strategic goals and objectives, the opportunities and developments in the market as well as your internal capabilities, strengths and development areas, we will formulate the key questions that need to be answered in the strategy. 

Generation of Options - through Design Thinking

Using the design thinking method, in an interactive workshop format, we will generate lots of options. Some very close to where you are today, others very much out there. In this, we will not limit ourselves by boundaries. And we will have some fun, too. 

Making Choices: Where-to-Play and How-to-Win

Now, it's time to cut to the bone and determine what your organization will actually focus on through clear, consistent Where-to-Play and How-to-Win (WTP/HTW) choices:

  • Where to Play:  customer segments, consumer target groups, geographies, markets, channels... where do we want to play? 
  • How to Win: and what our our strategies to win there?

Capabilities and systems

And finally, we determine what is needed for your strategy to succeed in terms of organizational capabilities, systems and processes.

  • Organizational capabilities: the capabilities that will need to be in place to execute the how-to-win strategies. This includes a review of what is there today - and what needs to be built for the future. And by when. 
  • Management systems, processes and operating model: How does your organization need to run in order to be successful? How will you measure and track success?


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