Our Vision

Sustainable Growth through Purpose, Strategy, Brand and Execution

We believe that any organization, large or small, can realize their ambitions and achieve sustainable, scalable growth. All it takes are a strong vision and purpose, a consistent strategy with clear choices, built around market and customer needs and opportunities, ensuring the right capabilities and operating models are in place, and a relentless focus on execution. 

As execution without a strategic plan will most likely not get you where you hope to be, but strategy without execution will remain, at best, a powerpoint presentation that is forgotten right after the yearly plans and budgets are approved. 

Partnering with adFIRST means first assessing where you are today, before we dive into where you might go in the future. Then, we team up and build a plan. Together. And we ensure that the wider leadership team and key stakeholders are involved, their expertise is taken into account and the entire organization is aligned behind the outcome and actions. As ultimately, any plan is only as strong as the people that need to make it happen.  

Our promise

Every organization is unique. Our ramp up process and tailored service model are designed to support and empower you and your team on the road to sustainable success and equip your organization with the tools to succeed. 

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, help you reach your ambitions, and jointly put you on a solid track to long-lasting success.

Our Expertise in Strategy and Purpose

Vision and Purpose

Strategy Definition and Design

Strategy Definition and Design

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 Increasingly, consumers and employees alike, look for organizations that fit their personal values. If your customers, or associates, don't know what you stand for, it will be hard for them to relate to you. 

Leading with purpose leads to better results. Always.

Strategy Definition and Design

Strategy Definition and Design

Strategy Definition and Design

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 Ensure you have the right strategies, tactics and actions in place to realise your goals and objectives. And supported by the right capabilities, of course. 

Strategy is all about making choices. 

Where to Play, and How to Win.

Strategy Execution

Strategy Definition and Design

Strategy Execution

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Your strategy is not something that just lives on a powerpoint slide or intranet. It needs to live, and become part of everyday life for your leadership team and the entire organization. Translating strategy to execution is key to sustainable, long term success. 

Our Expertise in Digital and Transformation

Digital Transformation

Innovation and Turn-Around

Digital Transformation

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Digital First, Digital Always. Bring your organization to the forefront of digital technology and be a part of the revolution, from social and digital marketing, via data, analytics and artificial intelligence, to quantum computing and blockchain. 

Data, Analytics & AI

Innovation and Turn-Around

Digital Transformation


 Data & analytics are at the heart of today's future-proof organizations, and artificial intelligence opens up unprecedented opportunities. 

But it's easy to get lost. Let's make data, analytics and AI work for your business. 

Innovation and Turn-Around

Innovation and Turn-Around

Innovation and Turn-Around

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In every organization's life cycle, there comes a point where growth slows. The numbers are harder to reach and the original ambitions might need scaling back. A disruptor could be at risk of being disrupted. It is time for a transformation.

Our Expertise in Marketing, Brand and Retail

Marketing and Experience

Marketing and Experience

Marketing and Experience

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Your marketing strategy defines how you bring your products to market and reach the right audiences. In this, know what to offer to whom and how is crucial. As is ensuring you deliver a great, seamless customer experience across all segments, channels and devices. Yes, that includes your B2B partners. 

Brand and Storytelling

Marketing and Experience

Marketing and Experience

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 Successful brands are digital, social and authentic. They are rooted in purpose, connect with the right audiences and deliver on what they promise. Credibility and experience are key, as is caring for the planet and being sustainable. Tell authentic stories and become a world-leading, inspiring brand.   

Retail & Ecommerce

Marketing and Experience

Retail & Ecommerce

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Boundaries between online and brick and mortar retailing are blurring. Tech companies move into physical retail, and traditional retailers expand their ecommerce presence. Wholesale shifts increasingly direct to consumer. For maximum impact, each channel plays their own role in omnichannel retailing. 

About Alexandra

Across disciplines

adFIRST is led by Alexandra van der Stap. Alexandra has over 20 years experience in strategy, business operations, marketing, brand and digital. She has held chief strategy officer and chief marketing officer roles at large global organizations, founded start-ups, held P&L responsibilities and led sales, e-commerce and commercial teams to reach unprecedented growth levels - while staying true.

Across industries

From B2B to B2C, medtech to finance, from media and information to consumer goods, from outdoor to fmcg... Alexandra has worked with clients from a large variety of backgrounds. 

Across countries

Alexandra divides her time between Switzerland, the Netherlands and California. A global citizen, Alexandra has lived and worked in the US, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and France, and can frequently be found travelling the globe. 

adFIRST for Start-Ups


Growth and Scaling

Rapid growth is exhilarating. Opportunities are everywhere, and the only boundaries are internal. But how to scale sustainably, while still keeping the culture and spirit of your start-up alive and costs under control? And where to focus first? 

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